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Crystal Potion of Lucidity Collectors Set

$240.00 / Sold Out

Comes with one of each pin, 8 pins total!
1 set per person please!

Each is 3.3"
3 Rubber pin backs
Each is back stamped and laser engraved with LE #
(In order of pictures)

LE 55 - OG (Black Dyed Metal)

LE 35 - White Candy (White Metal, Glitter, Blue Glow, Epoxy)

LE 45 - Bioluminescent (Blue Chrome Metal, Mixed Glow)

LE 35 - Plasma (Gold Metal, Blue Glow, Glitter, Epoxy)

LE 35 - Iris (Purple Dyed Metal, Green Glow, UV)

LE 30 - Red Desert Haze (Antique Copper Metal, Red Glow)

LE 30 - Bubblegum Galaxy (Hot Pink Metal, Glitter, Green Glow, Epoxy)

LE 25 - Lustrous (Ano, Glitter, Green & Blue Glow, Epoxy)